QB's 2025 Passion-Filled Vivid Vision

Quality Builders “(QB)” is a general contracting technology (GC-Tech) company serving Real Estate Investors “(REIs)” and Subcontractors “(Subs)”. QB has completely disrupted the construction market by building technology to provide instantaneous estimates and create a past project data repository to ensure investors make the highest return on investment decisions in a matter of minutes.

Building upon this central tenet of our business, Quality Builders integrates the core values of Do the Right Thing ~ Integrity, Speak Up ~ Courage, 100% Visibility ~ Transparency, Be Different ~ Uniqueness, Embrace Constant Change ~ Growth  into our day-to-day lives.

QB is in 100% alignment with our mission of building a passion-filled life for our team members, clients, and subcontractors - One project and one community at a time.

Our QB promise, which is simple but non-negotiable, is “Safety First, Quality Every Time, and People Over Profits”. Our team recognizes time as our most limited resource  which is why we treat all projects with the same urgency we’d treat our own. 

QB was founded by Jonathan Klemm in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. Klemm leaned into his faith and listened to the guidance of his family and friends to dream big. Having worked for one of the top general contractors in the country for the past decade, Klemm has utilized his experiences to help form a company and culture focused on an inclusive team environment that builds camaraderie inside the workplace. Quality Builders prioritizes the well-being of its team members first, assists thousands of REIs to realize their goal of financial freedom, helps Subs to grow their businesses and serves the local community with an intent to change the world. 


Unlike other general contractors, Quality Builders emphasizes the importance of safety from the very beginning. We want anyone entering the work zone on all of our projects to return home safe to their families each and every day. This starts with each person going through a job site-specific safety training which is reinforced by daily reminders of the safety hazards for that day. Having the courage to speak up when seeing unsafe activities is required, and all personnel are empowered to stop work.  Safety First.


At Quality Builders we walk away proud to have our name associated with every project and take extreme ownership of the quality of our work. For QB, quality is established before any activity begins by conducting a pre-activity meeting with the crews tasked to perform the work. Each sequence of work has a detailed work plan with buy-in from the entire construction team as well as a quality checklist to ensure proper craftsmanship. QB leverages technology to significantly increase transparency within the building process. Each job site has an assigned quality manager that works hand in hand with the crew to ensure the work plan is followed. Even though mistakes inevitably happen, we document them and develop better processes to prevent rework on future projects. QB encourages this type of integrity in the documentation process because learning from previous mistakes allows for growth as a company. Quality Every Time.


Our team members find passion in their work. Putting people first, Quality Builders prioritizes a long-lasting personal relationship with each team member.  QB strongly encourages team members to have a healthy work-life balance with the expectation to only work as long as it takes to get the job done. This allows for flexible working hours and encourages our team to work smarter and more efficiently. Our focus on leadership development is instilled from the beginning with all team members expected to have an entrepreneurial mindset.  The QB team is expected to put their family first and take full advantage of unlimited  paid vacation offered to every new team member. The company also hosts annual company retreats in different cities with a focus on team building and family friendly activities. 

Our subs, vendors, & consultants love working with us. They not only understand our high expectations, but also appreciate that we are building business together.  Subs and vendors continually express how easy it is to receive payments through the QB sub portal.  We are proud of the reputation we have built by consistently processing invoices in a timely manner, and we constantly receive praise from our vendors that wish all other general contractor’s lived up to QB’s standards.  With our rapid expansion, QB has been able to secure partnerships with major material distributors, allowing REIs to ultimately benefit from extensive discounted material prices.

The way we treat our team members, subs, vendors, and consultants leads to an improved product we are able to provide our REIs. Our clients rave about the transparency and integrity we’ve brought to the residential and commercial construction industry and are willing to pay a premium for a QB guaranteed product. That peace of mind for our clients is priceless and continues to drive repeat business and a perpetual list of referrals. We love every single team member, client, and sub that collaborates on each project  and enjoy helping them pursue their passions  as they help us achieve our company mission.  People Over Profits.


Having worked for a property technology “(PropTech)” company from its conceptual stages to its first round of Series A funding, Klemm understands the ever changing landscape of real estate investing and the importance of  technology to pioneer new construction innovations. While Quality Builders started as an operational company, we are building technology to allow us to scale rapidly across the entire United States. QB takes advantage of BIM modeling, lidar scans, 3-D printing, and virtual reality to select finish materials. Once under construction, QB provides REIs with real-time schedule and budget updates through our project management software. Additionally, each client will have all past, current, and potential future projects stored in a reliable database storing relevant cost details. It is encouraged that everyone becomes an innovator at QB with the goal to continue to build technology that  disrupts industry norms.


Quality Builders has undeniably changed the construction industry, but also seeks to give back to the local communities. QB team members consistently volunteer in homeless shelters, serve food in local pantries, and help rehab struggling neighborhoods.  Additionally, QB has expanded its giving efforts outside of the United States with a larger goal of providing clean drinking water in the Philippines, Kenya, and Nigeria. To help aid this mission, QB team members are given two weeks paid time off to serve overseas to help build wells and provide potable water.